Fusion Cloud and Oracle R12

Introduction and Oracle EBS VS Fusion

Both Oracle EBS & Fusion are ERP products from Oracle whereas Oracle EBS launched in the 1980s but Oracle Fusion launched a decade back and Oracle Fusion ERP Product built based on different flavors of ERP products acquired by Oracle like People soft, JD Edwards, Siebel CRM, and from in-house Oracle EBS as well.

The solid capabilities of each ERP product have considered in the designing and building of Oracle Fusion ERP and all the finest data models have included in Fusion ERP.

Oracle EBS VS Fusion Deployment

Oracle Fusion ERP is also a cloud product and offered to the customers based on the subscription model whereas Oracle EBS is an on-premise and cloud solution available to the customers.

In case of Oracle EBS, we can install/configure/manage and maintain our own server but Oracle Fusion servers are completely managed by Oracle like installation, up-gradation, and maintenance.

EBS VS Fusion Capabilities

Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion Products capabilities are different from module to module, I would say Oracle Fusion is the latest ERP with market trends and evolving the features on day to day basis based on the client’s ideas.

Oracle Fusion has got latest features and functionalities because it is a quarterly auto-upgrade, in the case of Oracle EBS Applications, clients has to manually upgrade their current version to a newer version to get the latest features/functionalities.

The architecture of Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion Cloud

Oracle Fusion is the cloud-based architecture that can be easily integrated with other Cloud Products having predefined adapters for launching the connection with Pioneer Applications.

Oracle EBS is on-premise so integrations have to build based on the architecture of the systems.

Subscription/Licensing of Oracle EBS & Fusion

Oracle Fusion products licensing based on a yearly subscription model like 3, 5 years, etc. later licenses have to be renewed, and these licenses are based on the number of users and modules.

Oracle EBS also with the same licensing approach but in Fusion Installation/operation and maintenance cost is cheaper.

Key Differences Fusion Cloud and Oracle R12


         Oracle EBS
              Oracle Fusion
On-premise & Cloud Cloud Deployment
Manual Upgrade to latest versions Quarterly Auto Upgrade
Implementation time more Implementation timeless
Preferred by Big clients because of cost Preferred from Mid-sized to Big clients
Data migration is complex Data migration is very easy
3 Decades 1 Decade
Server flexibility is more Server managed by Oracle
Java-based forms Webpage based forms
Less user friendly More user friendly
Capital Expenditure (Capex. cost) more Capital Expenditure (Capex) less
Operational Expenditure (Opex. cost) more Operational Expenditure (Opex. cost) less


Which one is best EBS/Fusion?

To Compare Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion can’t be concluded in a single article there are a lot of elements to differentiate both of them in terms of Features/Functionalities/Implementation considerations, time, cost, etc.

I would say Oracle Fusion is a recommendable ERP by keeping many factors in mind and more importantly time and material.

Oracle Fusion has got lot of benefits in the aspect of cost to the company and product capability.


Oracle Fusion Jobs/Carriers

Oracle Fusion ERP is a successful product and preferred by many of the customers hence there are many projects are going on and many of the clients are implementing Fusion Cloud. Because of Hugh projects in the market, there are plenty of job opportunities for fresher’s and experienced who are already having working knowledge from other ERP’s. Oracle Fusion has got carrier opportunities in all the companies and the jobs in the market is really good, the experience folks are having multiple offers in hand with good positions and packages.


Oracle Fusion Growth

Since it is a prestigious product from Oracle, the product is offered with many flexibilities and continuous improvement to offer best abilities.

We Soft Online Training offers all the Oracle Fusion Cloud courses with experienced faculties and during the training, we will differentiate and compare the Oracle EBS and Fusion business processes and product features.

Thanks for reading the article and wish you all the best.


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