Why should you Learn Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical?

Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical

Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical is a developer stack that serves customers as a platform as a service (PAAS) to develop and integrate communication between multiple systems to exchange information on a real-time and regular basis.

Under Oracle Fusion Technical Training you will learn how to build reports using OTBI (Oracle Business Transactional Intelligence) and BI Publisher.

Fusion OTBI Reporting: It is an extension to the BI tool having user-friendly screens to drag and drop table columns from predefined subject areas to generate reports by end-users with minimum training knowledge. These prebuild subject areas from different modules like to procure to pay and order to cash etc.  For every quarterly upgrade, Oracle is introducing new subject areas and additional columns in the existing subject areas. Not only selecting the table columns to view the data, but we can also write formulas and calculations on different table columns for catering to the needs to measure/analyse the data according to the client’s requirement.

Fusion BI Reporting: Complex reports build based on the BI publisher by writing simple/medium/complex queries based on the complexity of the report. SQL knowledge is required to write queries, if you are really strong at coding and then it’s very easy to develop reports using this tool. These reports can be developed in different formats like Excel, XML, PDF etc. and busting can be done by scheduling the reports according to user-defined frequency.

In our Fusion Technical Course curriculum, we cover both these reporting techniques to expertise students to deliver any sort of requirements in real-time projects. Our Fusion Technical Trainer having vast experience and worked on various complex reports during his projects which is explained as an example in the live sessions.

During Fusion Technical Real-Time Projects most of the work for developers to generate reports from various modules like Fusion Financials, Fusion HCM, Fusion SCM and etc.

Integrations (REST, SOAP, FBDI, BI, OIC):

In Oracle Fusion Cloud Technical syllabus we cover different types of Integrations techniques extensively like REST API, SOAP, FBDI, and BI-based integrations. Using these integration methods our trainer discusses a couple of examples for each technique on how to develop/integrate/maintain the data between Oracle systems and Non- Oracle Systems.

Which type of integration method to be used is purely depends on the client system architecture and type of integration we are trying to build like what is the frequency, how many records to be processed and how complex it is etc.

Through Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) also we can develop integrations, the better advantage with this tool is Oracle has already provided predefined adapter with major applications like SalesForce, SAP and etc. Oracle OIC tool is really popular because of the flexibility/readiness/robust/easy to connection.

During our Fusion OIC Training faculty train the students to understand complete tool features and functionalities by explaining few integrations around multiple systems.

Oracle OIC tools are not only using for Oracle Integrations, it generally used as an Integration tool to connect any applications. Definitely, this tool becomes very popular and successful in the market.

Additionally, we are covering PBCS and VBCS concepts during the training.

Data Migration:

There are different ways to migrate/load data into fusion application it could be either ADFDI or FBDI, for few data objects only FBDI available and for few objects both available. But ADFDI has got limitation to process around 5000 records, if you have more records to load then we can use FBDI method.

First data should be loaded in the Oracle Predefined spreadsheet, load and validate data in the application.

Fusion Technical Job opportunities:

Since Fusion is the latest and trending in the market there are a lot of jobs offering good packages and better positions, jobs are available in mostly all the companies and there is a scarcity of the resources in the market due to less number of people are having knowledge, we trained many students and provided jobs in various MNC Companies. Due to lack of skilled resources in the market companies are struggling to get profiles and they are approaching institutes to get student profiles.

We at Soft Online Training provides quality training, the best material and instance for students to be well prepared to reach their goals in the carrier, we train students to become from fresher’s to professionals.

Thanks for your time in reading through this information, keep improve your knowledge with reading and all the best.


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