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Oracle Integration Cloud Training

Unlock seamless connectivity and integration with Oracle Integration Cloud Training. This in-depth course equips IT professionals with the skills to connect applications, data, and processes across your enterprise. Learn to create robust integrations, automate workflows, and leverage Oracle’s powerful tools to drive efficiency and innovation.

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About Oracle Integration Cloud Training


What is Oracle Integration Cloud?

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) stands out as a comprehensive, cloud-based integration platform that excels in streamlining and simplifying the process of connecting different applications, data sources, and business processes across both cloud and on-premises environments. Its robust suite of tools and features, including pre-built adapters, low-code development environments, and real-time analytics, sets it apart, enabling businesses to create seamless, automated workflows with minimal coding effort. By leveraging OIC, organizations can significantly enhance operational efficiency, accelerate digital transformation, and ensure secure, reliable data exchange, ultimately driving innovation and improved business outcomes.

Key Features of Oracle Integration Cloud:
  1. Pre-Built Adapters: OIC includes a vast library of pre-built adapters for popular enterprise applications such as Oracle ERP, Salesforce, SAP, and others. These adapters simplify the integration process, allowing for quick and easy connections between different systems.
  2. Low-Code Development: The platform offers a visual, low-code development interface that empowers users to create integrations with minimal coding. This feature accelerates the development process, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical users.
  3. Real-Time Analytics: OIC provides real-time analytics and monitoring tools that enable organizations to track integration performance, identify issues promptly, and optimize processes for better efficiency.
  4. API Management: With comprehensive API management capabilities, OIC allows businesses to create, manage, and secure APIs efficiently. This facilitates better governance and enhances overall integration strategies.
  5. Security and Compliance: The platform prioritizes security with features such as data encryption, secure connectivity, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. This ensures that data is protected throughout the integration lifecycle.
  6. Scalability: Designed to scale with business needs, OIC can handle integrations of varying complexity, from simple connections to complex enterprise-wide workflows, ensuring consistent performance as the organization grows.
Benefits of Using Oracle Integration Cloud:
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: OIC automates and streamlines integration processes, reducing manual effort, minimizing errors, and speeding up the deployment of new initiatives.
  • Improved Business Agility: The platform allows organizations to quickly adapt to changing business requirements, integrating new applications and data sources without significant delays.
  • Cost Savings: By reducing the need for extensive custom coding and leveraging pre-built adapters, OIC lowers development costs and resource requirements.
  • Future-Proof Integration: Oracle continuously updates OIC with the latest technologies and best practices, ensuring that businesses stay ahead of integration challenges.

Oracle Integration Cloud is an essential tool for modern enterprises aiming to achieve seamless connectivity, improve data accuracy, and drive innovation through efficient and secure integrations.

Why Should You Learn Oracle Integration Cloud Training from Soft Online Training?

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, mastering integration tools like Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is crucial for IT professionals who want to enhance their skills and career prospects. Soft Online Training offers a comprehensive and well-designed Oracle Integration Cloud training program that stands out for several reasons.

Expert-Led Training

At Soft Online Training, our courses are led by industry experts with extensive experience in Oracle Integration Cloud. These instructors bring real-world insights and practical knowledge, ensuring that learners gain a deep understanding of both fundamental concepts and advanced features of OIC. Their expertise helps bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, preparing students for real-world challenges.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Oracle Integration Cloud training covers a wide range of topics, from basic integration concepts to advanced use cases and best practices. The curriculum includes hands-on exercises, case studies, and project work, enabling learners to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios. This holistic approach ensures that students are well-versed in all aspects of OIC, including pre-built adapters, low-code development, real-time analytics, API management, and security features.

Flexible Learning Options

Understanding the diverse needs of our learners, Soft Online Training offers flexible learning options, including self-paced online courses and live instructor-led sessions. This flexibility allows students to learn at their own pace and convenience, making it easier to balance training with other professional and personal commitments.

Practical Hands-On Experience

Our training program emphasizes hands-on experience, allowing learners to work on real-life projects and simulations. This practical approach helps students build confidence in using Oracle Integration Cloud in actual work environments. By working through real-world scenarios, learners gain valuable skills that are immediately applicable to their jobs.

Ongoing Support and Resources

At Soft Online Training, we provide continuous support to our learners. Our students have access to a wealth of resources, including recorded sessions, reference materials, and forums where they can interact with instructors and peers. This ongoing support ensures that learners can continually build on their skills and stay updated with the latest developments in Oracle Integration Cloud.


Career Advancement Opportunities

Learning Oracle Integration Cloud from Soft Online Training can open up numerous career opportunities. With businesses increasingly relying on integration platforms to streamline operations and drive innovation, professionals skilled in OIC are in high demand. Our training program not only enhances your technical skills but also boosts your employability, positioning you for advanced roles in IT and business integration.

Choosing Soft Online Training for your Oracle Integration Cloud training ensures that you receive high-quality education, practical experience, and the support needed to excel in your career. Whether you are an IT professional looking to upskill or a business aiming to improve your integration capabilities, our training program provides the tools and knowledge to achieve your goals.

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Course Content


  • SQL Knowledge
  • Java Not Required
  • Any Graduate or BTech Qualification
  • System Requirements-Just Internet

What will you learn

  • Fusion Architecture
  • OTBI Report Development
  • BIP Report Development
  • Integrations
  • OIC Tools
  • BPM
  • VBCS
  • PCS
  • Business Case Studies
  • Real-time Scenarios


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₹25,000 + Taxes
  • Lectures50
  • Duration3 Months
  • Skill LevelAdvanced
  • Video Access1 Year
  • Instant Access6 Months
  • LanguageEnglish
  • CertificateYes
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Oracle Integration Cloud Training
₹25,000 + Taxes

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